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Monday, September 27, 2010

Fixed and Burley, II

I tried this once before, two years ago, on the same trail in fact.    Only I think I was riding my first fixed gear conversion, a Bianchi Classica, which I really enjoyed riding.  It's funny looking back on that post because back then I was able to fit both boys in the Burley and now only the youngest fits and he is almost too big for it..  

Right off the bat I discovered a problem riding with the Burley attached to the Stinson.  My left foot was hitting the rear coupling to the trailer. At the main parking lot off Pepper Street I raised the seat an inch and that helped immensely.  Another thing I noticed was riding Death Fork the other day felt a lot different than riding this bike.  I think mainly due to frame size.

Riding with young children is all about the snack.  I only bring good for you foods so clearly they are not in it for the munchies.

Brodie and I rode up the Newtown section and it still needs some work.  The trailer just fit in some places.  I actually didn't notice the missing sign at first and rode right past it but then the trail got worse and I knew there was something wrong so I turned around rode back to where the trail officially ends.

I love how there are tracks still in place

Brodie really enjoyed the ride today and wants to do it again.

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