Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Partageons le plaisir de rouler en grandes roues a la nuite!

A little RAW in the Fall with a friend from work.  He brought his dogs along and they were really well behaved.  Stayed with him and didn't really run too far away the whole time.  Felt good to get a little saddle time this evening because I am not riding much this month.  Work has me all over the place so I can't cycle commute and weekends are full of activities.  I could ride early in the morning but the thought of being in a nice warm bed as opposed to freezing my ass off in 32 degree temps is an easy battle to lose.

Good thing we had lights!  Stephen puts his on from the begging but I waited until I felt it was too dark to see the trail.  Riding this trail at night was tough because with the leaves down I lost the trail a few times.  Still it was a blast and I almost feel human again.

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