Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 NEMBAfest: Saturday Night Live

photo courtesy of Philip Keyes

What do you do after a hard day of riding?  Recharge with a Growler of BBC's Steel Rail Pale Ale and then get ready of the night ride!

photo courtesy of Philip Keyes

And they're off!

Kathy was the ride leader for the Novice Night Ride at an intermediate pace

There must have been 10 to 15 riders in this group and there were many stops in order to wait for the stragglers to catch up

The more advanced ride finally caught up to us and passed on the trail in the vicinity of the escarpment trail

Not sure this really qualifies as a mechanical because all he needed was air in his rear tire but didn't have a flat.  However, there was one person who lost his lights.  I think the battery went out on him.  Fortunately, someone had a back up light for him.

We rode some of the same trail that we rode earlier in the day, however, our ride leader who is from the area took us on trails that she knew making it really fun.

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