Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Balmy Commute

Left the house at 6:30 AM and opted for the long route (14 miles) to work, which is ride through town and then out on Sugar Street (Rt 302).  I rode the Stinson because the Lambert is on the DL due to a stripped crank shaft.  The Stinson is a smooth ride but I can still feel the effects of a smaller frame and not being able to really let loose like I could with the Lambert.

It was pretty eerie out this morning.  In low lying areas it was foggy and quite chilly but once out of the fog it must have been around 65 degrees.  The roads were wet but I didn't feel a thing with my fenders.

The sun wasn't up so I rode with two lights this time.  The planet bike light mounted to the bars and my off road light on my helmet.  The helmet light was kind of overkill but I think it really made my presence known.

Great cycling weather!  On the way home, it was threatening to rain and in fact I think it might have been misting a bit so I took the 11 mile route home.  On Friday, I am going to ride the Qball Monster.  I need to 8 more rides to break commuting 500 miles for this year.  I am going to try and get half of them this week and next.

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Rick said...

You forgot to mention that you scared the crap out of your neighbor and occasional riding partner.