Sunday, October 17, 2010

I love my Ho ... e!

While I could have been riding this fine, warm Sunday morning I instead chose to help Paula Burton build a new trail at Seth Low Pierpont State Park in Ridgefield.  Actually, DEP contacted Paula this spring to see if she would like to do a really large trail reroute for this one trail.  The problem being that the bridge (pictured above) needed to be dismantled after someone fell off it and not to mention this part of the trail, after crossing this stream, went through more swampy areas.

Paula, with the help of Dave Francefort redesigned the trail to bypass the dilapidated bridge.  The new trail descends along a small ridge to pick up the white trail that leads back to the main parking lot.  What I don't know at this point is whether Paula is planning connecting the white trail to the other side of the white trail so that you can complete a loop back to main parking lot.  I am sure this is the case.  

Dave and I spent a lot of time benching.  In fact, that is all we did for three straight hours!  My Rogue Hoe is an incredible benching tool.  It cuts through the duff like it was butter.  Dave showed me a new technique in which you use the McCleod not only to tamp the tread way but also on the steep angled part of the bench cut.  It really tightens up the look of the trail. 



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