Sunday, October 10, 2010

1984 Schwinn Varsity

A friend gave me this 1984 Schwinn Varsity the other day.  He was going to take it to the dump but I told him I would take it.  It's a nice bike but it falls into the Old Crappy Ten Speed - not worth it condition.  It has an American Bottom Bracket which renders the drive train useless for a conversion.  However, there are some nice parts that I will help rehabilitate on other bikes that I am working on.


My guess is this was someone's college bike.  My friend from work said his wife picked it up at a tag sale for $10.  Still, there's plenty of bits to salvage:  brakes, chain, cables, housings, bars, stem, fork, axle nuts, seat, pedals, and reflectors.

Might even keep the rear derailer to see if I can cobble it into a chain tensioner.

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