Thursday, September 18, 2008

RbW: Duck a l'Orange

Got out this morning at 6:15 am and even though it was light enough, I still road with the light.  Road on low and held charge nicely.  I think I need to get out earlier and try riding on high and see how long it will really last.  Granted, I have to ensure that I have a full charge in on the Light and Motion Solo Logic.  According to the website, here are the burn times for this light:
High 13.0 Watts- 2.0 hrs
Med  10.0 Watts- 2.8 hrs
Low   6.0 Watts- 4.0 hrs
Today's ride, while not really needed, it did last the whole time I was using this time.  I really like the operation and it works nicely.  Sun wasn't quite up by the time I hit the Echo Valley Farm before hitting the forest.  When I did get into the forest, the first thing I noticed was that the parking lot was empty - no hunters!
Here is me on the Gussy Trail.  That steam is coming off of me.  Of course I was riding with a blaze orange T-Shirt from Cabelas.  Underneath I had a wicking shirt on but I finally go over my insecurity of wearing biking shorts and just wore a pair of gym shorts.  I have decided to only wear padded shorts biking shorts for longer rides.  These short, workout rides don't require the full kit.

The shot below is three quarters of the way down the Gussy trail where it crosses the blue trail near the old jeep trail off of Sanford Road.  As you can see it's pretty light out and it's quite 7 AM.

Back at the house, wearing orange and my new Dakine gloves.  Qball is running great.  I am totally loving 34:20 and think 34:19 or 34:18 might be in my future soon.  If I am going to race the Qball, probably going to ride with a 19t but I am going to trail with the 18t.  When I got home, I realized that I was missing a crucial component to my Duck a l'Orange attire, my orange helmet.  I will wear that on Saturday.  

And, if you were out on the trail you would have heard me coming.  Here are the jingle bells that I put on the Qball announce my presence.  I would have thought they would make a lot more noice but they don't.  I think the next ride on the Qball and it will break 400 miles!  


Anonymous said...

Bells - I 2 ride with bells, while you are unable to notice them, believe me they are making more noise than you think. Love the Orange! I need to get more, spotted 3 hunters Saturday Morn, good thing I had lights and bells or I'd have been strapped to the hood of a Chevy!

Mark said...

I am already used to the bells. When I first started riding in this local state forest I read about one of the full time inhabitants being a black bear so I started wearing a bell. Now it just makes sense during orange season.