Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cold Toes in the Wet Spot

It was a chilly 45 degrees this morning at 7:30 when I hit the trail and my toes actually got cold half way into the ride.  At the Echo Valley Lot, there were two cars in the lot and that meant there were at least two guys hunting on this side of the forest.  That van looks very familiar.  A couple of years ago I was riding through here and noticed a guy sitting in a van in the lot with the side door wide open.  I stopped to chat.  Asked him if he had gotten any hooved rats, started on about the weather - it was unseasonably warm that fall, on and on - I am pretty gabby.  He wasn't much for words, though, and then I noticed why:  the guy was sitting atop a makeshift porta-potty and he was taking a dump!

Never saw the Van Dumper but ran into these two gents from Stratford.  They didn't get anything but the one on the left said he was creaping up on buck that was rubbing his antlers on a tree.  Didn't have a shot, so while he was trying to get into position, the buck saw him and bolted.

Climbing up the back side of the hill is getting easier and easier.  I just power up and hammer the hill.  A little ways down is a soft spot that is capture a lot of waffle tracks.  I think the Maxis treds are probably Frank's. 

I think those are Maxis Small Block Eights.  On the left is my treds but I have two different tires on so the tracks get kind of blurred.

 If you have been following the development of the Upper Gussy Trail, there is this one area within the trail that is a unique challenge.  Recently it was changed so that horses could pass on the right and bikes should ride on the left.  It's kind of a technical skinny.

Here is a little video I made riding this section.  If you listen closely, you will hear sleigh bells.

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