Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fixed, Flowers, Turkeys, and a Creaking Crank

It was 61 degrees this morning and foggy starting out in the Housatonic River Valley. Needed to add a front light due to the limited sight distance, so that slowed me out of the gate.Climbed out of the fog 3/4s of the way up Pond Brook.

Stopped again on Secor Rd to take pictures of some nice flowers but their hue changed when I took off my glasses. Will try to had it back articificially.

Tried something new, rode with a messanger type back draped diagonally from my shoulder to my waist. Had my attache folder with some work stuff in it that I needed in the office this morning, plus a rain jacket because the barometer said rain today, and thinking that it is going to be warmer, another jersey for the ride home. Only thing I didn't think of was some sort of waterproofing for the attache. Oops!
Riding fixed, it took 48 minutes to ride in with three picture stop. Then on the way home this afternoon came across two flocks of turkeys in the same field. This field is 200 yards from Route 84!

Noticed that creaking sound in my front crank was getting louder. Pete said that my Bottom Bracket either needs more grease or I will need a new one, it depends on the type though.

I got home this evening in about the same amount of time. I am learning how to descend hills without using the brakes by standing up out of the saddle and letting my weight stand on the pedals really will slow you down. Barely used the brakes on the way home. In fact before leaving, I checked the weather and it said possible chance of a thunder shower. Upon getting home we got a few rumbles.

Took the cranks off the Bianchi this evening but missing the tool to extact the bottom bracket. Have to swing by the Bicycle Goodie Shop in Bethel on my way home tomorrow and get the tool that I need. If I cant add more grease, it looks like I'll be hitting eBay for a new bottom bracket.

Also, I am liking riding fixed so much now that I am not selling the Bianchi at this point. I am going to build up the Fuji and then I will see which I like more and sell the other.

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