Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Look what's new from Salsa!

A 29er touring bike! It's called the Fargo and it's not named after that town in the South Dakota. According to Salsa:

If that long and winding road is beckoning to you…consider our adventure touring 29’er mountain bike, the Fargo.

Crafted of Salsa Classico CroMoly, the Fargo is a bit of a bicycling anomaly: a disc brake only, drop bar mountain bike designed for fully-loaded touring.

Drop bars provide multiple hand positions for long days on the road or trail. A full compliment of braze-on’s on the frame and fork allow for both front and rear racks and fenders. The investment cast chainstay-mounted disc brake mount is conveniently tucked out of the way, eliminating accessory mounting interference. Load as much or as little gear as you choose for your next adventure.

Six (count ‘em, six) water bottle cage mounts (on sizes 18 – 24") help keep you hydrated on a long journey. The sloped toptube allows plenty of standover clearance for those fully-loaded starts and stops.

Both frame and fork offers gobs of tire clearance. Run pavement friendly 700c x 35mm rubber, or throw on some big 29 x 2.4" meat (29 x 2.3" with Planet Bike Cascadia fenders).

The Fargo is designed to take you wherever it is you wish to go. Throw a dart at a map, make some plans, load up your gear, and hit the two-wheel highway.

Fargo. Go far.

This could be my Monster Cross frame. Of course I would be giving up the ability to run a road wheelset and if I wanted to go SS, I would need a tensioner. Definitely something to consider.

So far, the only frame fitting my requirements was the brushed aluminum Misphit Psycles diSSent, however, it looks like that is no longer available now. Might just have to consider some Monkey Loving, now.


-p said...

I think a lot of people are blogging about it because it is an interesting development. For the longest time, the industry was stuck on high performance (or things that looked high performance like K-Mart dual suspension bikes) and forgot about really meeting people's needs. With expensive gas, bicycles aren't just toys any more. They're tools. And this is a swiss army knife.

29ner said...

that is a killer set up. I have long been a fan of fat rubber and all my bikes run the fatest tires they can handle. Speed is never my goal. I say bravo. Go 4 it...

Brendan said...

my long haul trucker trembles at the sight of that bike.