Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cold Commute

Here is my new commuter, my remissioned Fetish Fixation. The bike just was not getting it's due on the trails and after selling the Bianchi it was the logical choice for a commuter, not to mention it was the only filly in the stable that could be quickly converted to road duty.

Yesterday morning's ride started out at 50 degrees. Fortunately, I decided to wear a riding jacket otherwise I would have been miserable. I left at 6:40 am and I rode with the headlight mounted to the bars and I used it on low the whole time. It never dimmed. I think I have to plan for a little more for colder weather now and plan on wearing thicker socks, warmer gloves, and I may even consider wearing an earband because my ears got cold, too.

I still can't get over how nicely this bike rides. Much better than the Bianchi. Was it the lighter frame (aluminum) which felt really nimble between my legs or was it the smaller wheels (26") that seemed to acclerate more quickly? Climbing was nice, again much nicer than the Bianchi. I have it geared 42:16 using the freewheel and I have a TomiCog coming soon so I can go back to riding fixed, again.

I think I am going to add drop bars, just waiting for them to come in. Overall, I am really pleased with this bike. Question now, is if I continue with my plan to build a monster cross, do I go steel with a Redline D440 or a aluminum with the NYCBikes Monster Cross? I have never ridden an aluminum 29er and since I am not intending to take this bike on Singletrack, maybe aluminum will be OK.


29ner said...

The NYC Monstercross Bike looks awsum. I would take that route.
Did you consider the Voodoo Dambala
29er Frame :

Mark said...

The only thing missing with that frame are the rack points. The other two bikes have them. Still, there are way to get around that as I have learned.

I should head down to the City and give it a test ride. Maybe sell a fixie or two at the same time.