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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I think I found it!

My next commuter bike that is.  It's either going to be a 2007 Kona Unit 2-9 or a Kona Kula 2-9.  
I would venture that they are essentially the same bikes, just in 2008 the geary version of the Unit 2-9 was renamed the Kula so as not to confuse buyers.  Both seem able to mount 700c wheels, at least the 2007 Unit 2-9 according to the Sellwood Cycle Repair Shop in Portland, Ore.

Now, I just have to find one in my size.  The one at Sellwood is a 19" and that is probably on the low end for me but I will find out.  I am thinking 20 or 22" would fit me much better.


Peter said...

You gotta love Kona. They seem to understand what the consumers needs are. Good luck and let me know how you make out

Mark said...

Called Sellwood and the guy there, Jeremiah was really helpful. He thought the 19" might be a borderline fit because Kona's frames tend to run large and it has a 24" stand over. That's a little low, but I need to check my Qball to check the fit. Also, I am not sure I want to buy a complete bike. I think I would get more pleasure from building it up from the ground up.

MMcG said...


If you like Kona - look at the Smoke 29er! It'll do what you want for a great price too!

Mark said...

I looked at the smoke but it won't fit 29er tires. I was at OSC in Wilton yesterday and I even asked them about it and they said probably not.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why the Kona Smoke won't fit 29" tires. Maybe the shop thought you meant 29er tires with the fenders?? I have the 2008 model and have some 29er tires on the way to test fit. If they fit then I'd venture to say the Smoke is the cheapest 29er on the market.

Mark said...

I bet you would be limited to 2.1s at the max, but, shoot me some pix if it works out.