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Monday, September 15, 2008

Update: The Grapes of Wrath - Newtown MTB race 9/20

Update: The Grapes of Wrath - Newtown MTB race 9/20

Further update:  Spoke with Terrance, the race organizer and the goal this year is to start with baby steps and follow up next year with more of a bike fest.

I was told to not bother looking for the trails because they will be all contained within the Vineyard Property and that the property is heavily hunted.  hint hint

Might try to stop by and see how things are going on Saturday morning.


Brendan said...

$50!? That's a lot of money. Although, the Kingdom Trails hill climb is $100.

Mark said...

I am not familiar with racing entrant fees. What I still don't get is whether to just show up and eat cost 50 clams. Now, that would be too much.

Brendan said...

Well, $1000 is a pretty big purse for a local race.

It's cheaper than the Leaderville 100. That's like $300.

Mark said...

Vermont 50 is $125, so it's probably within perspective.

While I doubt there will be that many women who sign up for it - I think I might know 5 that will, he still needs at least 40 guys to sign up to break even is my guess.

With $2K, you get your purse, and then have enough left over for a meager BBQ, a race food/water station, and drinks? Unless of course he is expecting the vineyard to chip in a lot. There could be some synergy.

Don't get me wrong if I am sounding skeptical, I would like to see this succeed so that next year I can get NEMBA involved with it, it just strikes me as very risky to limit oneself as such on a first time out/venture.