Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SSCX and a busted Seatpost

Last weekend, on my way back up Old Farm Road I noticed what appeared to be trails on either side of the road so Sunday I headed back to check them out.  Banging a right at the barn the trail cuts diagonally across the field and then there is a stop sign?  I turn right and I am on an old road that dead ends in someone's back yard.  Headed back the other way then crossed over the tracks and into the next field.

Following the periphery of the next field there is a fork, left is more grass trail and right is single track.  I go for the singled track and it's really good, only I wish I had put on bug spray and I wish I had my mountain bike.  I pop back out on Old Farm Road and cross over into the next field.  Coming around the bottom, it turns west and climbs.  I did most of these trails as much as possible to get the lay of the land and next time I come back I am going to create a better circuit, sans single track.

On the other side of the river I rode 4 laps around the eastern field and then headed up to Fairfield Hills for a few laps on the trails at Nunnawauk Meadows. 4 laps in one direction and 2 more in the other and then I headed back down through the lower fields near the doggy park.

As they say, I was just riding along when I heard a snap and my but slipped back off the saddle and oh shit!  Now, before you go start shouting warranty, warranty, I bought this seat post off Amazon through some shady, off shore remarketer who was selling factory seconds or perhaps even knock off parts.  You get what you pay for, is all I can say.

OK, I am 5 miles from home, guess I am riding home doggy style.  It's going pretty good although my quads are killing me.  I try to lightly sit on the saddle because riding the top tube is killing my nuts and then it just comes off.  My neighbor happened to be driving by and offered assistance but I told him I got it.  Shoving everything in my back pouch I rode home.

If it wasn't for the ice cold, and I mean ice cold PBR in the fridge I think I would have been a lot more bummed out but the beer helped a lot!

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