Friday, September 26, 2014

This Week in Bike Commuting: Riding with Panties (*Panniers - damn auto correct)

The last day of summer was a little chilly on the way in to the office but perfect in the afternoon for riding home.  That was the day in which I broke 2000 miles on the Cross Check so on the way home, I did a 20 mile ride and got home in the dark and with no lights.  My guess is that my headlight didn't have enough charge.  It was another great day to be on the bike and it was totally worth it.

On Tuesday, however, temperatures plummeted to the mid thirties in the morning it was a full snivel gear mufti ride.  Welcome to Autumn!  Once again, the ride home was a lot warmer and I did another 30 mile round trip.  

I rode Castle Hill Tuesday and Friday and views were of course breath taking!

On Friday, it was my inaugural ride with the Pannier.  Everything in the red bag was really just along for the ride which was a rain jacket, waterproof duffle for the laptop and my old Jansport pack should I have to bring the oversized laptop home, as well as other nick nacks that keep on me.  I needed the trunk bag for other things, too, like my lunch, wallet and badge to get into the office.  I am going to have to get another Banjo Brothers waterproof bag for the side and ditch the trunk bag.

I rode my 20 mile route into the office on Friday, again.

The panniers also allowed me to ride strapless, aka sans backpack and it was a awesome.  I felt so free and my back barely got sweaty.  This is the way to commute!

I rode over 90 miles this week to the office!  However, with Autumn I can't get in anymore after work 20 milers unless I want to ride in the dark.

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