Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Don't Shoot Me Bro

Autumn in Connecticut means hunting season and if I can help it I like to confine my mountain bike rides to Sundays when hunting is not allowed.  However, Wednesday morning the only time I had to ride was in the morning and wasn't feeling roadie. I oranged up, found a bell to mount on the Spot (lost my Bear Bell last spring), put the visor back on my dayglo green commuting helmet and headed out to Upper Paugussett for quick pedal in the woods.

The only change I noticed was it appears there is a new connector trail coming from the Three Bears Roller which seems people are riding that section but ignoring the actual roller.  I don't blame them because it's kind of sketchy to begin with.  I need to go in there and open Mama Bear and Baby Bear back up so riders have more options to chose from.  I am always torn whether to ride that new section or not.  It's really good but I hate missing one of my favorite up and overs.

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