Sunday, August 31, 2014

Berkshire Brewing Company Goes Warm?

I was at the Big Y in Newtown, CT on Saturday and found all this Berkshire Brewing Company Beer on display and not refrigerated?  Nowhere else have I seen this before.  The Big Y in Deerfield, MA was selling it cold and everywhere else around my neck of the woods sells it cold, too, and you never see it out on the shelves like this.  Is this an example of a Beer Failure?

If the cans say Best Kept Cool does that mean you have to keep it cool or it is OK not to?  I have tweeted this and Instagrammed it to Berkshire Brewing Company but that haven't gotten back to me yet.  Of course, it could be the Big Y here not knowing.  I bought my six pack of Lost Sailor Pale Ale that day where it was stored cold.

Update:  According to the company, they don't pasteurize their beer, therefore the recommendation to Best Kept Cool but apparently it can be sold this way, it's just recommended to Best Kept Cool. Personally, I will not buy BBC unless it's cold.

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