Friday, August 08, 2014

Caroline Previdi Memorial Lemonade Stand

My ride to work on Friday morning was interesting.  I took a different route that included climbing Whisconnier and then descending West Whisconnier and then Pocono Ridge.  Such a pleasant section of road.  Then I road Stony Hill to Side Cut and then up the back side into the office park.  Along the way I rode under the main line of the Housatonic Rail Road and also the Newtown Division of that road, as well, and saw Santa along the way, too!  Not sure I like this route because it was actually a little less than 10 miles!

The best part of Friday's commute, however, was the lemonade stand off of Flat Swamp road.  It wasn't your typical $0.25 for a up of lemonade, but all donations were being made to Caroline Previdi fund, one of the innocent First Graders massacred in the 12/14/12 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

You can't say no to a lemonade stand on the side of the road while bike commuting home.  I always stop and this one was especially heart warming knowing that the kids were giving back, and they are so young, too.  My son did something similar last year, my wife helped him make Biscotti and he put them out around town for donations and made $30 to which he donated everything thing to Sandy Hook Promise and remaining Biscottis, he gave to the Police Department for evening snacks!

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