Saturday, August 09, 2014

Tandeming to Trumbull

I had already rode 40 miles this morning on the road bike but with two of my three children at birthday parties, it was only natural that I take Elliot over to the Housatonic Rail Trail for a little ride.  We started at the top most part of Pepper Street with the intention of seeing how far we could get in 30 minutes before turning around. With the promise of a frosty treat following today's ride and having to be home in time to shower so that we could go see a play that was being put on by the Sandy Hook Foundation, I figured an hour round trip would be good.

However, we got down to Whitney Avenue in Trumbull in about 25 minutes and it seemed like a shame not to go the entire distance, so we decided to pushed on to Tait Road.  That section is probably the steepest, if you can call anything on a railtrail steep, and we were going really fast, around 15 mph!

Pedaling home was a bit slower but we it gave us an opportunity to sample the surroundings, like this sign on the side of this house that states "Hippies use the side door!"

Of course, there is nothing better after good ride then a visit to Peach Wave!

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