Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Commuting with the Brooks Cambium

With the Randomuter (aka Surly Cross Check) in the shop for maintenance I rode Ciao Bella (aka Bianchi San Jose) to work on Tuesday however one change was made to the bike.  My Brooks Cambium Saddle has been sitting idle after trying it on my mountain bike so why not try it on the Bianchi.  I figured with the shorter distances that I usually ride on this bike it would be perfect for my fourth point of contact and it is!  That or it's finally starting to break in but that is pretty hard to tell.
On the way home I took Wine Sap Hill in Bethel and found that it was recently paved and the Black Butter was simply delicious!

My route home though was a test of my will because not only did I have to climb Wine Sap, but I made the decision to climb Cod Fish Hill, Birch Hill, and the back side Castle Hill.  With 44:17 gearing and 10 lbs of computer on my back it was not fun.

The Brooks Cambium, however, performed beautifully, at least my butt thinks so!  I think its the rubber shell that makes this really work out.  All my leather Brooks Saddles took so long to break in but the Cambium doesn't need to be broken in because the materials are in a kind of broken in state.  I will have to try it on a longer ride sometime.  It could just be the bike.

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