Friday, October 05, 2012

What happened on the Gussy?

I couldn't have planned a better day.  Good day of work in the morning at the other office, then a round of golf with my boss and father at his club in Norwalk.  Got home with just enough time to hop on the Raleigh XXIX for a ride at Upper Paugussett before loosing the light and in the immortal words of Gomer Pyle:  Surprise, surprise, surprise!  The Gussy trail looked like another hurricane blew through with all the blowdowns.  Looks like I know what I will be doing Sunday morning now that the Fall Fiesta is canceled!  Trail Maintenance.

The biggest blowdown is seen in the picture above at the Wet Spot, sorry for the lousy picture.  The line is all off, too.  The widowmaker at the Cleavage Reroute came down and there is boughs down at the Cleavage, too.  Looks like I am going to finally reroute the Cleavage Reroute, too, now.  Oh, I will open the Cleavage so that those voluptuous drops are open for business again but I am going to throw in a second option when you are coming from the opposite direction because the the curve is too tight for the amount of speed you pick up when coming down that incline.

But the big news was the Raleigh with the Manitou Tower on it!  OMG, is that plush!  I also got a new saddle from Brookfield Bike that reminds me of my old Terry Saddle.  It was like riding on a cloud.  I really love the XL frame.  It is such a nice fit for me and I feel so at ease on it that I will never ride anything less than 20" again.   That was the one nagging thing about the Kona Unit.  It was a 19" frame and I felt a little cramped but on the 21" Raleigh I perfectly stretched out and feel right at home.  The Qball and the Spot are both 20" frames and they are perfect, too.  

When I got home, I was hoping that there would be something cold and frosty still in the fridge and I was not let down, either!  What a perfect day! 

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finn maguire said...

Best day ever!