Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Getting some On The Spot!

After Trail Building I headed out to ride South Park v1.0, both north and south to get a feeling for the trail and to see where, if any tweaks were needed.  Of course that one section on the north part of the trail needs some rock armoring when riding north but the southerly line, while difficult, is pretty rideable.  I even to roll on the option drop but to avoid the drop you have to stay all the way over to the right.  Again, a good challenge.  

After riding riding and re-riding it from both directions and including riding both directions on the Glacial Erratic trail (on the other side of the carriage road) I headed over to the Rock and Roll, then up and over to the Big Burn for the usual loop.  Then I followed the single track that cuts over to the Blue and from there over to the outer loop, down little vomit and then climbed all the way back to the parking lot.  Got about 10 miles of riding in.  Of course the Spot performed like a dream!

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