Monday, October 08, 2012

A New Line on the Gussy

After cancellation (postponement) of this year's Fall Fiesta due to the rain that came a lot later than what was expected, I headed out to Upper Paugussett to clear some blowdowns that I saw on Friday's ride, that I didn't have time take care of, and to fix/adjust/tweak the Cleavage Reroute.  I found this old Forest Boundary marker in the soil as I was benching the trail.


When you come down the hill in the direction of the Cleavage Roller/Drop I made the turn too sharp for the speed that you pickup coming down the hill.  Originally I had a log there to check your speed but since removing it in an effort to improve the flow I have found that I usually dish out in the curve.  Hence the reason for this change.


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eastwood said...

That boundary marker is sweet!