Friday, November 18, 2011

Qball Monster Cross

Since the acquisition of another steel frame, the Spot Longboard 9, I didn't see the need to keep the Qball as a mountain bike so I thought I would go back to basics on the Qball and build her back up as a singlespeed.  Seeing that I have a pretty good singlespeed already, I thought a little diversity was needed so I went back to the Monster Cross platfrom with a few tweaks.  My Salsa Wood Chippers were constantly calling out to me as I walked past them for the past year; "Mark, use me. Mark, use me." So I thought I would try them again.

I went with the Soul Cycles fork instead of the Qstick because it has a much greater rake and I want to see what difference it makes on the bike.  The other tweak is the gearing, which is 44:18.  I am not planning on riding the Qball Monster Cross on a lot of singletrack, rather rail trails, dirt roads, maybe some commuting, and road workouts.  For off road riding, I can easily switch back to the 32t and go to a 20, 21, or 22t in a couple of minutes.

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MMcG said...

That looks really good set up like that. Well done!