Sunday, November 13, 2011

Foxy Lady ... Reprise

I put the Fox F29 RLC on the Unit and it's completely changed the bike.  First off the fork, with the increased crown height slackens it a lot more than with the rigid Carver fork.  But the combination of the steal frame, the shock and the Rampages make the ride feel like butter.


Rode Upper Paugussett again and to my amazement, the Poly Brody is completely clear!  I rolled through there and came across quite a few people out walking.  One woman was carrying a can of beer and then further up the Brody I found two beer cans, same type, in a stone wall.  Are you kidding me?

I grabbed both cans and put them in back pouch.  Only one made it home with me.  The other one fell out somewhere on the Gussy as I clearing more blow downs.  I cleared out 4 more blow downs opening the Gussy completely up now.  I still need to go in and do some more benching at Blue Cross Blue Shield and there is another reroute I want to do on the other end of the trail.  I did, however, do the loop back again and then ride back up the Gussy and that made it a worth while ride.

Re-Route after Friday's work

Today's ride

An ice cold 'Gany Porter was excellent after the ride.

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Rick said...

Sorry I couldn't join you on this one. It took us 2 days to clear the downed trees on my deck and roof. Dangerous stuff given the position of the trees. I didn't have my cell on and just got your messages about 3PM.

glad the gussy is clearing out. thanks for all the work you're doing out there.