Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday: Case is the Place

CT NEMBA's annual Turkey Burner was held at Case Mountain in Manchester this year and there was an incredible turn out, over 40 riders were present.  We started out with three groups: advanced; intermediate; and novice and I went with the intermediate group.  Our group started with 19 riders but somewhere before steel bridge we lost four, or they decided to go off on their own.

What an awesome place.  We started out on the Yellow Trail which turned into the white trail (I think) and where that flattened out we headed east on the first singletrack riding that all the way to a steel framed bridge that no longer had planks on it.  From there we rode up the Fern Trail to the powerlines.  Those same powerlines are the ones that cut through the bottom of Gay City State Park.  From there we road down an awesome trail that's formerly known as the Tinti trail, working our way around the reservoir and eventually climbing up to an over look where you could see Hartford.  Then it was back down to the parking lot!.  11+ miles of fantastic riding.

Salem Mazzawy

Art Roti and Matt Viara

Mr and Mrs Isch

Time to hit some real single track

At the Steel Bridge

End of the Fern Trail at the Power Lines - didn't see any ferns

Hartford in the distance

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