Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pop goes the knee

My knee has been bugging me for the past month and while I have experienced knee pain in the past this seems different.  I don't think it's some internal injury like a meniscus tear because the pain goes away after awhile.  Maybe it's due to over use and by that I mean I have added running to my exercise plan.  After Sunday's ride it was a little sore but after Monday's ride much worse.  I figured a light ride on the roads might do it some good but right out the gate it was painful but I pressed on.  In fact, climbing the third hill out of the river valley that I live in my knee made a little popping sound and then the pain went away!  Hallelujah!  I am still going to keep my appointment Friday with the orthopedist and see what he says.

Riding the Ross Riviera was a blast.  I am always at a loss what to wear when riding on the road.  It was 60 degrees out but I threw on the fleece tights because I figured I would get cold on the descents.  The Ross doesn't have any bottle cages (really old school) so I wore a hydration pack.  The Moose Bars make it feel like an old school mountain bike.

The 52:20 gearing gives me plenty of power in the flats and is a good gear to climb in but 18t would definitely suck.

Sunday's view of Pond Brook
I swung by the Pond Brook Boat Ramp, thinking I would check out the old Shepaug railroad bed the  since the lake was down nearly 10 feet on Sunday only to find the water level back up to the normal level.  Oh well, next time I suppose.

Wednesday's view of Pond Brook

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