Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mini Gravel Grinder: 75 Percent Dirt

Got home Tuesday afternoon/evening hoping it would stop raining but it didn't.  Still it was so warm out it would be a shame not to ride so I hopped on the diSSent and went for a little Gravel Grinder route.  I would have taken the Qball but I just got the diSSent back from The Bicycle Center in Brookfield because something in the headset wasn't right.  Shawn and his team quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it so I wanted to check it out.

The route was mostly dirt road, some dual track (Poly Brody Forest Road), some single track, and a little pave.  Climbing up George's Hill was a real bitch but doing so at night making it easier to focus on a good pedal cadence to get up the hill without seeing the top of the hill and wondering what's taking so long.  I think with drier conditions, better gearing choice on the Qball, and some route modifications, using Burr Farm and the neighboring horse trails in Newtown you could have a really nice Monster Cross training route.

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