Saturday, September 03, 2011

Saturday Morning Single Speed

Now that the power is back, at least in my neighborhood and our personal hell has been taken away, it's time to get some more riding in since the trails are complete crap right now.  Other people throughout my town and the State of Connecticut for that matter, including both my in-laws and my father are still without power.  I wish them a speedy re-energize.  It was high time that I take the Ross Riviera out for a real test ride, something more that an a quick jaunt up and down my road, a ride with some hills to really test the 52:20 gearing.

My goal was to the Town Line and back but I fell short of time and turned around short of it by a half mile.  Along the way there were still many signs that the post Tropical Storm Irene Apocalypse was still on going.  Frankly, I think the power company and the local municipalities got caught with their pants down in the recovery effort and could have done a better job working together in order to remedy the situation.  Hopefully, they will learn from this so that their efforts can be better coordinated and the town can provide quicker services for those in need.

Hanover Rd:  Transformers on the side of the road

Businesses still without power

Staging area for the Tree and Lineman Teams

Give these guys your thanks!

All the fire houses have drinking water.
I filled my water cans at the Hawleyville Firehouse twice this week!

This house is till out of power because their service line was taken out.

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Ben said...

hey Mark, i too appreciated the bike as a way to review storm damage....glad your new wheels are rolling well...