Tuesday, September 20, 2011

RbW: Baring the Bells

Orange season came out of no where and if you are going to ride in any state park or forest you'd better be wearing blaze orange.  Hope my white rims aren't mistaken for a running deer.  Headed out to the Gussy again, 4th time this week, and took to the trail on the Kona because it needed some loving, too.  Felt good to be hammering in just one gear.  The only disturbing thing was that break and bar end positioning was off on the right side and it gave me an uneasy feeling, like I was out of balance.  Strongly recommend if you are going to ride in the woods during hunting season to have a bell somewhere on your bike.

Glad to see the equestriennes letting us know that they are using the trails, too.

Got home in time to see the kiddies off to school.

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