Monday, September 19, 2011

Misfit Psycles diSSent MKIV - Geared!

Lowered the bars, readjusted everything, and tightened it all down and hit the Gussy for the third time this week and OMG, what an awesome bike!  Fast, climbs beautifully and of course with the big wheels rolls over everything smooth as buttah!

While it may seem redundant but I now have two Timbukt2 seat bags, along with a new hand pump gets me to Cosh & Carry status.  Now I can just hop on either the bike and ride without worry whether I have a multi tool or a spare tube.

I decided if I am going to run flat bars I would use my new Ergons and decided to run them the same way as the Cane Creeks on Kona, which is parallel to the road and they are great this way!

I was tempted to hit the second log ride but didn't want to push it.  I did do the new roller that is 30 yards up from the second log ride.  The lead in is a little wonky that I may have to rethink because of the rocks being at funny angles however it's a nice roll and it is probably a good up in the other direction.

Looks like somebody changed the tranny on the second log ride.  I think it's better but didn't try it.  Next time.

I met this guy, Len, from Brookfield that has been riding the Gussy for a couple of months, now.  Showed him a way in which you can circle back on the west side jeep trail and then pick up the Gussy again.

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