Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Climbing on the Kona Unit

Another ride at Upper Paugussett again only this time I decided to spice things up a bit and come in from the Pond Brook Boat Ramp and climb up the fire road to the Gussy Trail Head.  Anyone familiar with this route knows these climbs are quite a workout, but the last one, pictured above, is killer.  The picture still doesn't do it justice but it's freaking steep.  I am going to have to come out with the Clinometer and measure how steep it is but I think it's at least a 20% grade.  And the kick in balls is once you clean that there is a second helping of incline following it to the Gussy Trail head.  I cleaned it all today on the Kona.

I still can't get over how much garbage I finding on the trails now.  Today I picked up this Poland Spring bottle, a Bud Light bottle cap, probably belonged to the bottle I found last week on the Gussy, and a water bottle from a bike.  After seeing five riders on the Gussy Sunday, I think Upper Paugussett SF might be becoming a new mountain biking destination.

I found some more cart roads today in the forest that when linked together will make a great loop back for the Gussy.  What that means is if you ride down Gussy and want to loop back this new route allows you to do so without having to stop and turn around.  Just have to work out one section because it's a little steep.  Seeing that I had some time and riding from Pond Brook is a little light in the mileage category, I circled back on the Poly Brody, back up the Gussy and then down the horse trail (yellow blazed).  There is a tree down blocking the trail and then another one further down.  Curse you Irene! 


29ner said...

Unit looks sweet. You seemed to have mastered the SS ride. Maybe I need to give it another shot.

Mark said...

Three days in a row of riding SS and rigid, however, is tough on the body!

SS is really fun and I like it for when I am just JRA in the woods off trail. Don't have to worry about rear ders.