Tuesday, September 27, 2011

RbW: 6:00 AM Curtain Call

Got home late from work Monday so I decided I would try a Ride before Work only this time I knew I was going to need some lighted assistance. The ride almost didn't happen because the my headlight wouldn't come on but I turned it off and turned it back on and it finally lighted up. Yikes, hope this doesn't mean the bulb is going.  Found another beer can, this time on the Brody.  Why is it when hunting season opens the number of cans and other offal increases?  This is in the wrong location for the Upper Paugussett Beach so I can only assume it's from the hunters.

Heading up to the Echo Valley lot, I ran into the Hunter Dumper (saw this guy taking a dump in his van a few years back), we chatted and he told me he would be east of the Brody hunting squirrels. Didn't know Squirrel season is this early. Also, it appears that the DEEP came through and took care of the blow downs on Body, too. Now, what did they do with the logs?

Hit the Gussy at about 6:39 AM and I could have ridden without the light but left it on for safety. Didn't see anyone parked on Sanford Rd but you never know if someone walked up from the boat launch. Riding with the light, my new Canari Blaze Orange riding jersey, and my bear bell, even the worms could hear me coming down the trail. Foggy and wet conditions prevailed and I slipped twice on the rocks, near the Taco Stand and tanked it in the Wet Spot. In my quest to find a good route to circle back to Gussy I found another old Forest Road that comes off the Jeep Road! Bingo!

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