Thursday, September 15, 2011

Orange Season has begun

I completely forgot that opening day of Bow Season in CT is Today, September 15th, which means if you are going to be riding in most State Parks and Forests you'd better be wearing blaze orange or some other dayglo color so you are not mistaken for deer and shot at.  They say bow hunters are pretty discerning in their targets but I have seen that look of desperation in some hunters who need that kill. Summer riding is now at an end.

One thing about yesterday's ride that I forgot to mention, probably distracted due to the 20+ mosquito bites on my ass, was that I kept having an issue with my rear wheel coming lose from the drops.  This happened a few times this weekend at Rocky Neck as well.  I know what I did wrong that is making this happen but what was funny yesterday is when I realized what I had to do and I tried to fix it on the trail is when I got swarmed by all the mosquitoes.  I ended up riding the entire length of the Gussy Trail in the lowest gear.  It kind of sucked but at least the mosquitoes weren't catching up with me and hey, riding beats walking any day.

Got the bike on the stand and I had to take the shifter pod off the bars in order to loosen it when I discovered that the bar clamp could be switched from further in to further out!  Damn, I love SRAM shifters even more and as a matter of fact I did notice that if they were moved a bit more forward it would be more comfortable.  So now I am thinking about switching bars again.  The FUBars are great for straight XC riding but I think I want a little more huckle in my buckle so I am going to flats.  Ideally, I want some flats with a little rearward sweep but I will settle for my Ritchey bars for now.  Just need a new seatpost to get rid of the creak I am getting with the cheapo seatpost I started out with.

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