Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dead Head sticker on a Mountain Bike

Jonesin' for a ride Sunday morning and I figured the only place that would be rideable after the deluge of rain that we got on Friday would be my home stomping grounds. While still pretty balmy out, this is Autumn in New England? I headed out for another installment of the view ain't changing much for the second sled dog ride at Upper Paugussett. The only thing different was today my plan was to do an up and down sticking to the Gussy rather than getting sloppy seconds on the Poly Brody.

Another thing I wanted to do is find a way to circle back onto the Gussy after coming all the way down and I found an old skidder route that could be feasible, except for the fact that in order to line up for it you have to cross through some additional wet areas that I am not too fond of, so not sure at this point whether that is going to work. As I was nearing the Gussy, about 100 meters south of the second log ride, two mountain bikers went by on the trail. That was cool. Then as I was climbing the hill to the second log ride I cam across another rider who I stopped to chat with. He said he heard about this trail from a buddy and now he rides it all the time.
Rounding the bend after the big up and over and riding up through the Taco Stand I came across two more riders, one of which with a Dead Head sticker on his bike. He told me he had heard about the trail from Shawn at Brookfield Bike, who by the way loves the Gussy after recently finding it and tells everbody in the area about the trail.
The Kona was riding nicely today. Got the bar ends to line up and everything felt great. I did, however, take it easy on all the greasy stuff but overall it was a really good ride.  I wondering what would happen if I added some squish.

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