Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Taste of my next Single Speed 29er

Ooops, looks like I might not be waiting very long for the next SSer

You might be able to guess the frame but can you guess the weight?
If you do, I will buy you a Growler of BBC at CT NEMBA's Fall Fiesta!

What you see here is:
Hand built wheels, DT Swiss spokes
Stan's Arch rear rims with Maxxis Aspen 2.1 (tubeless)
Avid BB7 brake
Aligator iWave rotors
Surly Cog 20t


MMcG said...

Kona Unit 29er - weight = 24.5 pounds.

fabian said...


CB2 said...

4.6 pounds.

Mark said...

@Mark you got the frame but not the weight. Post your next guess on tomorrow's post. Fabian is going in the wrong direction and Charlie, I am talking about overall bike weight.

fabian said...

Ok I'm gonna say 23.3 lbs. final answer. You have to give us the rest of the build.

Mark said...

Rule change, only one guess per blog post so Fabian you second guess doesn't count on this post but make another on the next post!

Thom said...

can I guess? ;)

Thom said...

ok,.. I can't guess, but I'll give a hint .. you're all to high!!!