Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Cleavage Re-Route

Tried something new in my usual Upper Gussy Trail circuit because I wanted to hit The Cleavage before the rain came and it got too dark to film it with the handlebar cam, so I went into the forest the same way I usually exit.  Tracking on the GPS was a little off, though.

I figured I would just pop out on the ROW that was Albert's Hill and continue my usual loop.  When I went in that way the night before I drove over some grass to park further up the ROW when the owner of the nearby house came out and asked me not to park there.  I introduced myself and reminded her that we had met before through a mutual trail building acquaintance and said that I was more than welcome to park in her driveway in stead of driving on her grass. Since she was being so accommodating I didn't feel it was necessary to point out that it's a town right of way (ROW) up to the edge of the forest.  I wonder if the town transferred the land to her?  I figured when I rode down through there again and if I ran into her I would ask but she wasn't out.

The Cleavage
Secretly, I was hoping I would be the first to ply my knobbies through the virgin territory of the bench cut I made the night before, but I wasn't.  I saw tire tracks in the dirt ahead of me.  At least, I am not the only one riding this trail.

Benched Curve


Ben said...

Nice video, Mark. Definitely looks like a fun are growing my interest in MTB.

Mark said...

I had heard there are some really nice MTB trails in your neck of the woods.