Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I survived the Great East Coast Earthquake and then went Mountain Biking!

After surviving yesterday's near death experience by riding out the earthquake in the office I had to find my inner peace again so I took the Kona out for ride at Upper Paugussett.  Even with the slightly heavier wheelset she still climbs like a mountain goat, or maybe I am just getting stronger.  Never-the-less, the bike does not dissapoint and I got my inner peace back at the top of the highest point at Upper Paugussett.

They say leading up to an earthquake animals do weird things.  Well, it looks it affects them afterwards, too.  This deer was no more than 5 yards from me, just staring at me.  I took a few pictures, talked to it, but then it started walking towards me with a gleam in it's eye is when I started fearing for my morality.  I think the deer wanted me in a sexual way, me atop my rigid, less than 25 lbs single speed, I must have been one sexy mountain biker to the king of the forest.

I guess when he realized I wasn't going to put out, he snorted at me and then ran off.  Next time, you got to wine and dine me Bambi!

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eastwood said...

That is funny we had similar experiences... although looks like I was a little more protected by trees than you. Deer population is booming... that means the bright orange comes out soon for riding!!