Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Quickie in the Woods

Been working down in Norwalk this week which means up early (5:30 am) to drive the 30 miles (35 min) to the office but coming home usually takes an hour.  Got lucky today, out of work early, 45 min drive home and riding the diSSent 20 minutes later.  It had started to rain but not hard enough to be a real concern and a quick check of the radar told me it would pass quickly.

At the parking lot off of Echo Valley, I noticed that some ef wad dumped some old furniture and carpets in the lot.  I really hate when that happens.  Why do people do this?  No camera to record the infraction but firing a note off to the land manager.  Might have to ask Sidney if she saw anything because this happened between Sunday evening and today.

While on the Brody I was having a pretty good pedal until my chain dropped and my knee hit the top tube nearly knocking my GPS off the mount but my improvised dummy cord (mini bungee cord wrapped around) saved the day!  Then, on the Gussy it was business as usual but due to the wetness caused by the recent rain I stayed off the log rides and some of the rollers.  The Insta-Foot Re-Route is coming along nicely.  Need to flag the re-route but the repeated trips over the new route are starting to give it good definition.

The quick 5 mile ride this afternoon was what I really needed and it pushed the diSSent to the 200 mile mark.

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