Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Commuting with Chris

Met up with a co-worker, Chris, on the road this morning.  He rides from Southbury and get's a 30 to 40 mile round tripper, twice a week.  I took him up Papoose Hill.  It's a one lane road that basically goes straight up and I have to clean it on the fixie.  Today was no exception.  Chris got about 3/4s of the way up but forgot to call on Granny for assistance - he could have made it I think with Granny's help!

Riding down Rt 25 a truck passed really close to us and it felt like it was within the 3 foot zone.  I pulled some stills from the video I had running when the truck passed and it appears to me that he is 3 or 4 feet away but it felt really freaking close.

Here is the actual video footage.  Further on, there is another truck that passes us kind of close but it has to be 5 or 6 feet away.  I think because they are bigger vehicles their size seems to lessen the proximity.

I did check the weather that morning and it was supposed to start raining around 1 PM and finish by 5 PM, well, it was 6 PM when I left the office during a steady rain and I was wishing for fenders. It was a pleasant temperature so riding was really nice. Stuck mainly to back roads and had a nice ride home.  I broke 1000 miles today!  

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