Friday, August 26, 2011

The Friday Fix: Ross Riviera Conversion

I never measured this frame and after finishing the rebuild I sat on the bike and thought that it felt really good!  For some reason I thought it was going to be too small but in reality it's a great fit for 58 cm (23 inch) frame.  I think the big difference is the fact that the Moose Bars make the riding position more upright then bent over.  It's essentially like a mountain bike.  

Didn't have enough orange cabling so I had to go with white

Went really, really old school on the pedals

Took the grips off the Qball

Avid levers work nicely with these brakes

Right now, this is not a bike for hills with this gearing:  52:15
I have an 18t fixed cog on order so I wont be riding this to work
anytime soon but I am going to have to try it on some rail trails

Sheldon Brown (standard)
42:15 - 75 inches

52:20 70.2 inches
52:19 73.9 

Lambert Grand Prix-Fix (Death Fork)
52:18 78.0 inches
52:17 82.6 inches52:16 87.8 inches

Ross Riviera
52:15 93.6 inches

Hopewell Sporting Goods, according to the Interwebs was still in business as of 2002

This bike, even in it's original configuration was never lite

This could be a hard sell!

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