Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weekend Fixie Riders or Posers?

Walking down Park Avenue on Wednesday heading to my favorite Indian Restaurant on 47th between 3rd and Lex I came across a few singlespeeds.  First was this nice Dawes Track Bike but upon closer inspection the chain wasn't around the fixed gear cog, rather the free wheel?  C'mon, you are in NYC, you are riding a track bike, with one brake, and you are riding free wheel?  Where is the Vagisil?

Nice fenders

Rusty Chain yet shiny new cranks and pedals?

At least it has a break but if you only have one brake, do you really need two levers?

And then there was the Surly Steamroller.

With a tugnut even, but again, what's with the freewheel?

And a well used Brooks saddle.

And of course, one brake lever.
If it wasn't for the freewheel, this is would be perfection!
So when do they ride fixed?  On the weekends?  Might as well get a coaster brake.
Must be Weekend Hipsters!

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