Thursday, March 10, 2011

I've Got Candy!

I decided to give the new CB Candy a try

Compared to the other pedals, it was lightest and least expensive

It's just a composite resin wrapped around an egg beater.  Shimano has a similar pedal, the M-424 that they call it an off road sport pedal.  A friend of mine had the Shimano pedal and while he is a good rider his resin body on the 424 broke after 6 mos of use, and he doesn't ride that often.  It will be interesting to see how long this resin body lasts on the Crank Brother pedal.


Ben said...

So Mark, just how many bikes and extra components do you have?

fabian said...

I've got Crankies on all my bikes Mark and I've only managed to break one pedal. Direct hit onto a rock and the metal cage deformed.

Mark said...

@Ben at the moment, I have three complete bikes and in the process of building 3 more. The Lambert is closest to being finished, just need to find some brakes for it and it will replace the Stinson as my commuter, which I have put up on CList to sell because I have my sights set on a new frame. As for the extra components, I don't throw anything away and rarely sell extra parts because you never know when you will need something again.

@Fabian I have a set of plain eggbeaters that experienced that, too, from racing I imagine. I am going to use them on one of my road bikes.