Thursday, March 17, 2011


No, I didn't misspell PBR rather OBR stands for Old Bethel Road. OBR is my favorite route home because it starts out flat, then climbs a bit then gradually descends back to Route 6. Perfect rural fixie riding. I won't be riding the Stinson this morning. I am taking the Qball Monster out because I think I might have either a bent spider or chain ring which would explain the alternating tension on the drive train the chain dropping. I think a new crankset is in order for the Stinson.
Riding the Qball to work presents some different challenges, namely there is no where to put anything. I can put what ever will fit in the seat bag (keys and badge) along with a spare tube and tools. In my top tube bag I can fit my wallet and Blackberry which leaves carrying my undies and camera in a back pouch of my riding jersey, along with the battery for my headlight. Normally, I would have my Timbuktu2 but I have been trying to leave that, along with laptop at work just to lighten the load. I will probably end up bringing it back in the evening, which will make schlepping any extra gear easier.

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