Sunday, March 06, 2011

Saturday Morning Fix: Can I play with maddness?

I didn't get a chance to workout at all last week so I jumped on the Stinson for a Saturday Morning Fix.  Also, it was a great opportunity to test the new seatpost and OMG, and what a difference a few inches makes!  The bike finally feels right.  You will also notice that I went back to Origin 8 saddle and that too was a welcomed relief because that Brooks Saddle that I had on this bike was HARD!  

I rode out to Fairfield Hills and was hoping the unplowed section of the Town Recreation Trail was clear but it wasn't so I rode back around and took the back way, past the EOC to the plowed section of the Rec Trail.  Rode up, around the water tanks and back down.  I have to say though, this type of riding was pretty good and I could definitely more of it.  I tried a shooting video to capture my trail but the camera was too far back so what I got was Crotch Cam.  Getting a little better with Quicktime Pro so I put together this little video.  I think for the next time, I need to move the cam a little further back.

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