Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soul Cycles Dillinger - It's Back!

Well, it didn't really go anywhere but I finally got it back together this weekend.  The reason for putting it back together was I needed the fork rebuilt, switch out headsets, and come to find out I had a problem with the brake caliper hitting the spokes.  My wheel doesn't sit right in the drops and it's canted to one side by a couple of millimeters.  There is no impact to the ride, or at least nothing I can feel but I can't fit any tire wider than a 2.2 in it.  So I decided to go to BB7s because I knew they wouldn't cause a problem.

I had some white cables laying around so I threw those but found that the cable for the rear brake was really cheap and doesn't perform well.  I need to hit the LBS for some Slick cable to fix that.  Took it out for a little test pedal and worked reasonably enough.

I read on a few blogs that Race Face went belly up, I wonder if this means Doral is going to by them, hopefully my cranks wont need warranty service because that isn't going to happen.

Matched with the Green Blunts the bike still looks pretty hot.  Now I just have to get it out on the trail.  Question is, do I try to sell the bike or do something else with it and something else is convert it to 1x9.  I have just about all I need, just need a guide upfront and a SRAM shifter (I got a SRAM X9 rear derailleur from a buddy).  I think I will find plenty of reasons to ride it, like riding with my daughter when I finally get around to buying her a bike (not enough time on the weekends), NEMBA events and festivals.

A few changes to the cockpit, same bars and stem, just different grips, older Ergons and Avid Levers.  Need to find new screws for the bar clamps for the levers, though.


Todd H. said...

Nice looking stead... I can't tell but is it green? lol
How do you like the Ergons... I may have to give them another go this season

Mark said...

Ergons in general kick ass. I am moving my big ass ergons to the new bike and running my old, devil horned ones on the Dillinger.