Thursday, May 06, 2010

A week off from riding: Excuses, excuses.

It all started with a rainstorm Monday morning. I was supposed to lead a CT NEMBA ride after work at Huntington but the morning rains put a damper on that notion. I felt bad because then it actually cleared up by midday and was quite pleasant.

Then every day after work there was something going on where I needed be home early or pick up a kid from some after school program. However, with all the down time, I spent some quality time with my Eccentric Bottom Bracket. While the bike was really creaking with the old crankset, it only creaked with the new one. So, I went back to old one as a test. The one thing I did differently this time was to carefully position the EBB and then tighten it down.

Test ride in the yard resulted in very little creaking, almost silent but deadly! I don't think it's the Crankset, rather the way I am tightening down the EBB. So I am going to ride awhile with the old crankset before going back to the new one.

While I haven't been riding, I have been busy. I fixed the crank on the Stinson and I started to rebuild the Qball. Also cleaned up the garage and my work area. Next week, it's back to the grind: Mountain Bike training/Tandem Riding and hope to work in a commute or two.

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