Friday, May 14, 2010

20 Nm

The latest guidance from Soul Cycles is to torque the EBB pinch bolts down to 20 Newton Meters so I did that and took the Dillinger out for a test ride at Upper Paugussett on Thursday after work. Assuming the the EBB was holding the creaking that I heard while riding to the trail head could only mean that the Race Face bottom bracket could be at fault. So, I am going to change bottom brackets and cranksets and see if that makes a difference without touching the EBB and see if that makes a difference.

I am starting to use my new Hydrapack on rides and I can't believe how much I like it now. It's incredible how my back stays cool even with it on and when I take it off it's not all sweaty like my Camel usually was. Filling the reservoir seems easier as well. It's soooo roomy, too. The battery on my little pocket camera was dead so I grabbed the digital SLR and fit beautifully in the main compartment. While I am riding, I can barely tell it's there.

Did a little playing with photoshop to get this image. Thinking about using it as another masthead. It's cool but I am not sure it should be the face of the Snack.


CB2 said...

20Nm?! That's a lot! My EBB bolt torque specs are 5 Nm.
Have you considered the creak could be coming from somewhere else, like your pedals, rear wheel or skewer? I had that issue before.

Mark said...

Well, one of the creaks has to be coming from the new Crankset/BB. I need to switch that out and see if there is a difference. Mark McG did warm me that RaceFace BBs were notorious for being crappy - guess that is why I got such a good deal on it in the first place.