Monday, May 03, 2010

Another Bloomin Metric Tandem Training Ride

Katie and I went out for another tandem ride on Sunday, in the oppressive heat no less. We still had to walk the one hill on Hanover Rd just past Pond Brook headed north because I blew the shift by down shifting too early. We headed back down to the Town Boat Ramp on Lake Lillilohnah where quite a few people were picnicking.

We are starting to get the hang of riding together. Of course, she doesn't like the fact she has to stare at my big behind the whole time but that's basically her only complaint. The bike is a little small for me but perfect for her.

After the boat ramp, we headed back up Hanover, climbed to the top of Bramble trail and during that climb I found that if I pump the shifter a few times and wiggle it a bit I can get it to catch and down shift. From Bramble we continued up Echo Valley and back down Tamarack to home. On Tuesday, we are going to try 10 miles and hope to have ridden 15 miles by the weekend. The following weekend we might try to ride back roads to the Monroe Rail Trail and then take that all the way down to Trumbull and back. On MapMyRide, that is a 40 mile round trip. If it's not too hot in the coming weeks, that could be a great ride.

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