Friday, May 28, 2010


In a pinch, riding Upper Paugussett, is great. Take today for example, I haven't ridden all week due to business trip during the first part of the week and swamped with work for the rest. The kick-off to the long weekend meant getting out of work early but the earliest I was able to pop smoke was 4 PM.

Foliage on either side of the trail is starting to grow in nicely but the trail treadway is really well defined. The Dillinger, despite the cracking noise coming from the headtube and the donging noise coming from the EBB felt really good. I like the egg beaters that I have been using and I am getting much better at Bunny Hopping over logs.

Somebody contacted me last week about doing something with the tree that fell across the trail. It's a big tree and even if we cut it I am not sure if we'll be able to position it so that it can be ridden as a skinny or not. It appears however that a go around is starting at this rock.

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